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  • Dee Building Square

    How do you start building a tiny house?


    “A few days ago, I spent almost an hour trying to recondition an oscillating fan that I found in a junk pile. I’m not certain, but I think the reason it was tossed out was because it had a frightening wad of human hair wrapped [...]

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  • POD49 Residents and Tiny House

    Building a Community Around You: Tiny Houses and Pocket Neighborhoods


    At PAD, we spend a lot of time talking tiny houses (obviously), because we love them and love what they can do for people. But living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to spend time considering some of the other alternatives [...]

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  • Derin Williams, ShelterWise LLC



    We are super excited to let you know about our upcoming (first of the season!) hands-on tiny house construction workshop: La Casa Pequena! During this 2-day intensive building workshop you will construct the shell of a tiny house, including building the floor frame, installing insulation, [...]

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  • Photo 41

    Tiny House Fundraiser A Big Success!


    Last night I attended a fundraiser for Kim Langston, who lost her little house in a fire this past July.  It was an awesome event, themed to feel like a Summer Camp Jamboree, with a faux bonfire, cardboard foxes, pine trees, and an amazing talent show.  My act [...]

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  • Workshop Follow up–Codes and Tiny Houses


    WHAT CODES APPLY TO A TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS? In our November 10 workshop, we walked through a couple of key distinctions in how city/county codes apply to little houses.  I wanted to recap our discussion with a few suggestions for would-be builders. CONSTRUCTION – [...]

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  • Rudy And Nola On Porch

    Tiny House Insurance Update


    On November 10, PAD hosted a one-day Build it Small workshop in Portland, Oregon. We pulled together a group of experts and nearly 40 students to discuss “sticky-wicket issues” like graywater management, codes and insurance (among other things). It was a great experience and we’re [...]

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