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  • First Design For Others

    How Do You Legally Move A Tiny House?


    How do you make sure your tiny house is “road legal”, and that you have the approval you need to haul it down the street or across the country? We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the “wide” trailers from Iron Eagle – the […]

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  • Window Elf

    Real Insurance for Tiny Houses on Wheels!


    INSURANCE UPDATE! A few months ago, I wrote this post about insurance for tiny houses on wheels, but I want to add some additional information and perspective. It’s December now, the season of keeping the home fires burning – often in the form of tiny […]

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  • Workshop Follow up–Codes and Tiny Houses


    WHAT CODES APPLY TO A TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS? In our November 10 workshop, we walked through a couple of key distinctions in how city/county codes apply to little houses.  I wanted to recap our discussion with a few suggestions for would-be builders. CONSTRUCTION – […]

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  • Rudy And Nola On Porch

    Tiny House Insurance Update


    On November 10, PAD hosted a one-day Build it Small workshop in Portland, Oregon. We pulled together a group of experts and nearly 40 students to discuss “sticky-wicket issues” like graywater management, codes and insurance (among other things). It was a great experience and we’re […]

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