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  • Sweet Pea Tiny House

    Get a Video Tour of the Sweet Pea and the Salsa Box on Tiny House Hunting!


    Ever wished you could take a tour through some of our tiny house designs? Well good news! Two of the houses in our store were recently featured on the TV show Tiny House Hunting on the FYI network. Click here to watch the full episode […]

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  • POD49 Residents and Tiny House

    Building a Community Around You: Tiny Houses and Pocket Neighborhoods


    At PAD, we spend a lot of time talking tiny houses (obviously), because we love them and love what they can do for people. But living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to spend time considering some of the other alternatives […]

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  • Dee Williams 1

    Back to Basics: Why Tiny Houses?


    Do you struggle to explain the allure of a tiny house to your friends and family?  Or maybe they like the cute pictures, but can’t understand why you’d actually want to LIVE in one, or let one park on your property? A couple of recent […]

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  • OPB’s Think Out Loud explores Tiny House Living

    How We Live: Tiny Houses This is the beginning of a new series that explores how — and where — people choose to live across the Northwest. We’ll talk about the unique places that people call home: floating homes, boats, vans, pocket neighborhoods and shipping […]

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  • Get Cozy in this 84 square foot cabin

    CNN Money video of Dee William’s home of 84 square feet.  

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  • Picture 53

    Living Large: a look inside the tiny house movement

    PBS’s Need to Know (Given the state of the current economy, a growing number of Americans with ordinary lives are choosing to scale down — way down. They call themselves the “tiny house” movement. Need to Know visited one of the movement’s proponents, Dee Williams, […]

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  • Picture 44

    The Allure of Tiny Homes


    (posted May 2, 2011 – Oregon Home Magazine) What’s fire-engine red, has wheels and is utterly fantasy inducing? No, not a sleek Euro sports car but the Don Vardo, a 7-by-10-foot mobile structure with French doors, a tiny cedar deck, radiant-heat cork floors and hemlock […]

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  • Dream House

    The average American house size is 2,500 square feet, but due to rising energy costs, job uncertainty and the mortgage crisis, a growing number of people are seriously downsizing—in one extreme case, to a house smaller than 100 square feet. Dee Williams shows how its […]

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  • Yes Dee Pic

    Yes! Magazine

    In 2003, Dee Williams was a classic slacktivist. She says so herself. Yes, she was passionate about social justice and environmental issues, but she spent most of her free time driving back and forth to Lowe’s and Home Depot for materials to remodel her three-bedroom […]

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