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Lina Menard had always been interested in sustainable approaches to home, such as natural building and cohousing, but moving into a tiny house was too extreme for her…at first. She realized a tiny house might be the perfect way to redesign her home and community, but she was living in an 800 square foot bungalow and wasn’t sure how small to go. Lina rented a tiny house to help her decide if the tiny lifestyle was right for her.

Since then, she has lived in a series of small rentals in Portland, Oregon: a tiny house on wheels, a granny flat, and a yurt. She has also become an active member of, and advocate for, the tiny house community, participating in numerous tiny house builds, speaking at the Tiny House Fair, and leading tours of tiny houses in Portland. Lina’s blog is a window into her personal experience, as well as informative ongoing coverage of what’s happening in the broader world of tiny houses. Lina also works with PAD on our workshops and consulting projects, and you can read more about her professional background here.

Lina says: “When I first read an article about Dee’s tiny house on wheels I thought it was adorable, but too radical for me. However, I found myself fantasizing about tiny house life and after attending a PAD workshop I purchased an 18-foot-long utility trailer. Luckily, before I began building I was offered the opportunity to try tiny on for size. I lived in Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow – an 18-foot-long tiny house on wheels – for nine months and discovered I loved the little life. I also realized I don’t need so much space!

I currently live in a 12-foot diameter yurt and I’m finalizing plans for my 14-foot-long vardo, which I will begin constructing in August 2013. Now that I have helped with the construction of 17 homes, including 7 tiny houses on wheels and 3 natural building projects, I’m eager to build my own special live-work space.”

Lina blogs about her tiny house journey and the greater tiny house community that she’s involved with at, and offers tiny house design and consulting services at


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