Tiny House Consulting


What Could a Tiny House Consultant Do For You?

When you’re grappling with big questions like whether or how to build yourself a tiny house, you can spend countless hours researching and still not find what you are looking for. Navigating the world of tiny house construction and living involves everything from zoning and building codes, to design and construction processes, to the ongoing balance of leading a full life with a minimum of physical stuff.  If your situation is complicated, or you don’t want to run the risk of overlooking a crucial detail, our Tiny House Hourly Consulting is designed for you.

PAD’s Consultant Partners have experience with tiny house issues from A to Z, yet operate at affordable rates because they are small businesses. They provide technical and moral support for DIYers like you, and their expertise will save you time, money, and heartache. We at PAD keep our fingers on the pulse of the tiny house world and its growing field of professionals, and our Consultant Partners are experts we know and trust.

If you are tired of endless internet searches that lead you nowhere, or you want to bypass that frustration altogether, why not try speaking with an experienced professional? We’ll listen to your specific situation, give you practical advice based on real-life experience with tiny house design, construction and living, and recommend resources that will move you forward.  Click here to meet PAD’s Consultant Partners.

 What You Get

A two hour consultation with a PAD Consultant Partner buys you one hour of live phone consultation and one hour of behind the scenes time. Our consultant will research your situation before you talk and then follow up with you after the conversation with written details of your conversation and resources you can use on your own.  Once you’ve purchased a session, you’ll be directed to a form that asks you to provide some details about your needs and wants.

This information will help PAD match you with the Consultant Partner who can help you most. It will also help the consultant come to your conversation prepared to answer your specific questions and maximize the value of your time. After you fill out the form, a PAD Consulting Partner will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your call and get you going on the road to tiny!

2hour Tiny House Consulting Package: One hour of phone conversation with an experienced tiny house consultant and one hour of consultant preparation research and follow-up: $75 *

(*Please note that due to the increase in consulting requests we are currently scheduling three weeks out.)

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A Conversation With Dee Williams

Conversation-with-Dee-WilliamsDee Williams is a pioneering tiny home builder, designer and dweller, as well as a speaker and writer on tiny houses and thoughtful living. A one-hour conversation with Dee on all aspects of tiny house life can educate, inform, and inspire you to take the steps toward building a house you’ll be proud to call home. Unlike a consultation with our Consultant Partners, Dee is not available for pre-conversation research or follow-up. But this unique opportunity to get Dee’s perspective on your situation with her signature authenticity, humor, and tiny house know-how will leave you energized.

One-hour phone conversation with Dee Williams: $99 Add to Cart

What Have PAD Consultant Partners Done For Others?

Matching Goals With Practical Possibilities

Patricia contacted a PAD Consultant Partner to learn about small housing options in Vermont for herself, her husband, and their two cats. Through the consultation process they articulated their main goals—owning a home debt-free, and creating flexible options for their housing space and its costs.  Patricia and her husband were nervous about living in a teeny, tiny home as a couple.  The Consultant shared a variety of small housing options tailored to the couple’s circumstances, including custom-built manufactured housing and park model RVs, and provided links to the resources they had discussed so the couple could continue their research on their own with a much more focused approach.

Converting a Garage to Granny Flat

Sarah and her daughter and son-in-law purchased a home with a detached garage with the intention of converting the garage to a backyard cottage so Sarah could have her own space. She then hired a builder with plenty of construction experience but little familiarity with small spaces. So Sarah contacted a PAD Consultant Partner for design considerations for the small space. The Consultant met with Sarah and the builder on-site to review her plans, discuss heating and insulation options, and explore finish material choices. They also discussed different building classification options, including the differences between accessory structures and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) so that they could determine how to permit the building. Together the team developed a simple, cost-efficient design for the garage to granny flat conversion and construction is now underway!

A Second Set of Eyes on Construction

Ben was part way through constructing his tiny house, but had some concerns over whether his framing was correct. A PAD Consultant Partner made a site visit to his build location to determine whether the framing was square, plumb and level, and provided advice about whether the deviations in degrees here and there were unsafe deal breakers or acceptable quirks. Ben and the PAD Consultant Partner have continued to work together over the phone, with the Consultant providing instructions for wrapping and sheathing the house to protect it from the elements. The Consultant also recommended well as specific books and websites for further study, and recommended materials that were available in the area. The shell of Ben’s house is now complete and properly protected from the elements.

Untangling Zoning Laws and Building Codes

In order to make informed decisions about the permitting process, Angela asked a PAD Consultant Partner to help her determine the largest unpermitted structure she could legally build in her city. The Consultant showed Angela her design options and their cost implications by researching city and county building and zoning regulations, the permitting process, and required fees, distilling hundreds of pages of complex text to a few basic options and allowing Angela to make a confident decision about her building and permitting process with no scary surprises hiding around the corner.

Making Educated Material Decisions

Jack, a PAD Grad, approached a PAD Consultant Partner with a desire to use metal siding panels on his tiny house, but also with a desire to better understand the impact of that material choice before making the purchase. A PAD Consultant Partner gave him the pros and cons of metal siding, including lesser-known challenges related to weatherization and material purchasing, so Jack could make a fully educated decision on his house exterior.

Design Guidance for Do It Yourselfers

After participating in two PAD workshops on tiny house design and construction, Tony was eager to begin working on his own tiny house. He approached a PAD Consultant Partner to guide him through the process of what to consider as he worked out a floor plan that would fit him, including how to design in three dimensions, and how to choose key materials like trailers, windows and skylights. Tony is now working on his kitchen cabinets and flooring and his tiny house is nearly finished!

Getting the Lay of the Land

Tara contacted a PAD Consultant Partner to learn about small housing options in the Pacific Northwest.  After discussing her motivations, the Consultant provided detailed considerations for accessory dwelling units, small stand-alone homes, and tiny houses on wheels that matched her priorities, a list of research possibilities and neighborhoods for Tara to explore, and helped her connect with a small home tour and a realtor with a relevant specialty.

Touring Real Tiny Spaces

After participating in a Portland Alternative Dwellings workshop, Kate contacted a PAD Consultant Partner for a guided tour of local tiny houses to see more options firsthand. The Consultant used her connections in the Portland tiny  house community to show Kate three tiny houses so she could experience how different each space can feel and ask questions about what it is like to live in, design, and build a tiny house. Kate is currently building her tiny house on wheels, and you can read all about it at Naj Haus.

How to Host a Tiny House

Betsy owns her home but often travels for work, so she was interested in hosting a tiny house in her backyard to bring in some additional income and have someone else around to keep an eye on her home. A PAD Consultant Partner talked Betsy through everything she would need to consider when hosting a tiny house, including utility hook ups, siting, and creating community norms. The Consultant helped her refine a proposal and terms of agreement, and then connected her with a tiny house dweller seeking a parking spot.

Breaking Down Construction Technicalities

Kate brought her questions about how she should vent and insulate the roof of her tiny house to a PAD Consultant Partner. The Consultant gave her three options, ranked as “good, better and best”, including the energy efficiency, durability, installation difficulty and material availability of each option. Once she picked the method that aligned with her goals for her house, the Consultant gave her specific details on how to properly install her preferred option so she could get to work building the vital roof over her head.