A New Video Tour of Dee Williams’ Little House!

Dee Williams In her loft


Dee Williams recently showed Kirsten Dirksen from Faircompanies.com around her little house.  They made a great, 13 minute video that covers everything from her water and electrical systems, to how she used her body as a measuring tape for her design, to how she found a parking spot among friends:
“The cool thing about going small, and what we try to encourage people to do at PAD, is to design things that fit their bodies. All of a sudden you can let your body be the tape measure…

When trying to figure out how much room you need in the loft, a big part of it is: how do you make the bed?  All of a sudden the height from the top of your head to your knees becomes a really critical measurement. And that’s not the same for everyone.”

Watch the full video below for more, and then check out Faircompanies’ other videos for more innovative, sustainable takes on home!


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