The Biggest Tiny House Plan Sale Yet!



Bundle Sale LinkHoly cow! Today is the first day of a truly unbelievable five day sale on a group of tiny house plans, ebooks and ecourses – including some of ours! The sale ends on Saturday, March 25th at 9:00 am Pacific, so act fast!

For just $99, you’ll get TWENTY different tiny house plans, and a variety of educational ebooks and digital courses. Typical tiny house plan sets cost $99 or more just for ONE set, so that’s how special this deal is. No joke, this is a 94% off sale – over $1,800 worth of products for just $99.

This is a one-time-only sale. When it’s gone, it’s gone, and you’re gonna kick yourself for not participating! Heck, even we’re gonna buy it – that’s how good a deal it is! Click the image below to get it now, or read on for our reviews of some of our favorite products in the bundle!

Tiny House Bundle Sale Link

What’s in the Bundle?

We’re proud to be part of this special sale because so many of our friends in the tiny house community are in it too! And we can vouch for the quality of their products and their work. Here’s a little preview of some of the items in the sale we’re most excited about!

The Bunk Box Tiny House Plans from Shelter Wise

Bunk Box Modern Tiny House

This modern work of art from our buddies at Shelter Wise has some brilliant construction details any tiny house builder will want to see, including a unique construction method to squeeze in seven extra inches of interior width. The Bunk Box Tiny House Plans ALONE are normally $99 – so everything else in the bundle is basically free!

Dee’s Kozy Kabin Tiny House Plans from PAD Tiny Houses

Dee’s famous Kozy Kabin Tiny House was one of the earliest tiny houses on wheels out there, and inspired countless DIY builders to build little houses that were designed just for them, just like she did. Simple, affordable and kind, Dee’s Kozy Kabin proves that you don’t need every bell and whistle to live a rich and meaningful life.

The Tiny Project House by Alek Lisefski

Alek Lisefski's Tiny House

Image via: Alek Lisefski

Alek attended one of PAD’s first Tiny House Workshops and then knocked our socks off by building an award-winning, modern tiny house on wheels. His sleeping loft is one of the dreamiest we’ve ever seen, and we know people will love the plans for his great house.

Tiny Tack House Plans by Malissa and Chris Tack

Chris and Malissa's Tiny House

Photo via: Chris and Malissa Tack

Malissa and Chris toured Dee’s Kozy Kabin Tiny House before building their own tiny home on wheels, and have been PAD pals ever since. I’ve been inside this one, and it’s a beauty! With no prior construction experience, this couple helped prove that you can learn what you need to achieve your tiny dream. Malissa’s 3-D modeling skills and Chris’s amazing photography have made them mainstays of the tiny house movement, and helped them provide great, detailed information on their house’s construction.

SketchUp Course – Jake and Kiva from Tiny Nest

Jake and Kiva's SketchUp Course

Image via: Jake and Kiva from Tiny Nest

Do you wish you could see the tiny house design in your head in a 3-D model, move windows and studs around to make changes with ease, or swap out finish materials to see how else it could look? Then you will LOVE this course. We’ve seen what Jake from Tiny Nest can do with SketchUp first hand, and wow, it’s an incredible resource for an aspiring tiny house designer or builder.

Life in a Tiny House Ebook – PAD Tiny Houses

Life in a Tiny House Ebook

How would your life be different if you lived in a tiny house? Billy from PAD went all over the country to visit and interview some of the early adopters of the tiny house movement (including Chris and Malissa!) to find out how their homes had changed their lives. This photo-packed ebook invites you into their homes and stories for a look into the tiny house experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Those are just a few of the great products in the bundle that we can speak for, but we’re excited to buy it ourselves to learn some new stuff! The bundle also includes:

  • The Sonoma Shanty Tiny House Plans and 12 Issues of Tiny House Magazine from Kent from Tiny House Blog
  • The Cheryl Cabin Plans from Pin-Up Houses
  • Ethan’s Tiny House Plans from
  • 12 of the most popular tiny house plans from Michael at
  • The Oahu Tiny House Plans from The Small House Catalog
  • The Guide to Van Life eCourse from Exploring Alternatives
  • A Decluttering Course from Jenn at Live A Fast Life

Head on over to the bundle page to learn more about ALL the great products in the bundle and get it while you can!

Tiny House Bundle Sale Link

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