Tiny House Workshops and Events

Living Future Unconference

Dee Presents at the Living Future Unconference!

May 2, 2019 in Seattle, Washington

Dee Williams will be telling the story of her tiny house journey for this very special professional "unconference" -- which basically means a conference that isn't boring.  From the design of whole neighborhoods to the construction of buildings and even the manufacturing of the paints and products we build with, Living Future is where the green building industry goes to get fired up to keep doing the hard work of creating, well, a future worth living in. And Dee couldn't be more excited to share her story with this special audience!

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Dee Williams New Zealand Tiny House Workshop

Dee Teaches Tiny House Building in New Zealand!

March 3-16, 2019 in Nelson, New Zealand

Dee Williams is co-teaching this rare and exciting hands-on tiny house design and building intensive workshop! During the day, the workshop group will all work together to build a real tiny house structure. In the evenings, we’ll dig into the design process, letting each individual student draw up plans for their own tiny home.  Read more about why Dee is excited for this special event, or head over to Casita Bonita's site to register now!

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