Hikari Box Tiny House Plans


The Hikari Box Tiny House: Bright, Open and Uncomplicated

The Hikari Box Tiny House offers a spacious and light-filled home with a relatively simple construction process. At 24 feet long, it has 184 square feet on the ground floor, with one 79 square foot loft for a queen bed and one 23 square foot loft for storage or a twin bed. A staircase leads to the queen loft with storage underneath inspired by Japanese step tansu chests, and there’s ample storage in the kitchen as well.

Shelter Wise considers this the easiest tiny house they’ve ever built. Professional builders should find it simple to construct, and DIYers will benefit from some of the simplified construction details. The standing seam metal shed roof cuts out many complicated details common with gable or curved roofs, all the plumbing is located in one corner to avoid running plumbing pipes all over the house, and the tank-less water heater is mounted inside the wall for a clean installation process.

Fourteen windows and two skylights give the house its name — hikari is Japanese for “light-filled” — and make the house bright and sunny without sacrificing energy efficiency. In fact, this design includes unique details for one of the most energy-efficient tiny house floors you’ll find anywhere. Here’s Derin Williams, the designer and builder for the original Hikari Box, introducing the design:

The Hikari Box Tiny House is a clean, modern design for individuals and couples ready to build their life on wheels.

Look Inside

Hikari Box Tiny House Modern Exterior

Hikari Box Tiny House Modern Exterior From Hitch Side

Hikari Box Tiny House Exterior Trailer Hitch Side

Hikari Box Tiny House First Floor

Hikari Box Tiny House Entry Way

Hikari Box Tiny House Kitchen Seating and Storage

Hikari Box Tiny House Bathroom Sink

Hikari Box Tiny House Bathroom with Shower

Hikari Box Tiny House Bathroom with Composting Toilet

Hikari Box Tiny House Kitchen

Hikari Box Tiny House Tansu Stairs with Storage

Hikari Box Tiny House Tansu Stairs with Storage Open

Hikari Box Tiny House Living Area and Guest Loft

Hikari Box Tiny House Interior From Guest Loft

Hikari Box Tiny House Loft

Hikari Box Tiny House Plan Sample

What the Plans Include

  • Plans for a 24′ x 8.5′ foot house with eaves that extend out to 9 foot, six inches. Read our blog post on tiny house towing to understand more about tiny house width.
  • Detailed interior and exterior elevation drawings for all sides
  • Trailer connection details
  • Wall framing elevations
  • Roof framing plans
  • Cross sections of wall, roof and floor
  • Details for corners, windows, the door, and light block flashing
  • Suggested materials list for siding and framing
  • A basic wiring diagram
  • Appliance placement and suggestions
  • Double loft placements
  • Full kitchen
  • Lots of creative storage solutions
  • An egress window in the loft so it can be RV certified
  • A thoroughly energy efficient design. These plans include details for a unique, full R7 thermally broken floor assembly that could effectively host radiant floor heat (most floors would lose radiant heat warmth through contact with the metal trailer), but please note that radiant heat floor products or installation instructions are not a part of these plans.
  • Appliance and fixture recommendations to match the home shown in the pictures
  • A small exterior bump-out offers additional storage

These plans do not include electrical diagrams, plumbing diagrams, or exterior finish materials.  They don’t include construction details for the ladder shown leading to the small loft, or for the simple porch roof shown in the photos. But if you want a porch roof, we suggest that you mount it to the house after it is parked and avoid traveling with it attached. These plans are a license to build one house, and contain all of the essential nuts and bolts to get you a solid, extremely energy-efficient tiny home that is completely customizable to your tastes.

When choosing a trailer for this house, Shelter Wise recommends 7,000 lb axles each, for a 14,000 lb total carrying capacity.  The trailer will still carry at 10,000 lb GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating) but will travel better and safer with higher rated axles. Iron Eagle Trailers builds our favorite tiny house trailers out there, and Derin from Shelter Wise and Dee from PAD even helped them design their trailers to be perfect for tiny homes.  Tell them PAD sent you, and you’ll get $50 off your order.

With all of our plans, we recommend a copy of Go House Go, our how-to manual for building a tiny house on wheels. It’s the book Dee wished existed when she built her little house, and she wrote it to save everybody else all the time and trouble that she went through to figure out how to build smart and safe.


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