Dee’s Tiny to Tinier Road Trip!

Dee Williams, a pioneer in the tiny house movement, is downsizing from her already-pint-sized home.  This summer, she’s giving away her world-famous, 84 square foot tiny house to start a new life in an even smaller, cute-as-a-button home.  She plans to drive her original house to the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado, where she’ll invite about 40,000 enthusiastic houseguests to tour her home.  Then she’ll hand off the house to her nephew Jonathan, and return home to Olympia to unleash the adventure of mini-micro living in a 56 square foot home.


Why Dee’s Going From Tiny to Tinier

Dee loves a good living challenge, and 56 square foot “Jolene” sure presents one. But what are we if we fall asleep at the wheel and forget that our lives are meant for challenge, or at least the need to pee your pants in anticipation of what’s coming?

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Off Grid Tiny House Solar Power

How to Power Your Tiny House With Solar Power

Not sure how to run your tiny house on solar power? Neither was Dee! When she tried to create an off-grid power system for her new, tinier house, she needed help. Luckily, she found it with Wholesale Solar in Mt. Shasta, California.

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Skylights: Dee’s Best Tiny House Decision

Dee’s Velux skylight windows have helped her see the world in a new way, whether she’s looking at frost or spying on raccoons raiding her neighbor’s garden from the safety of the loft. They also never leaked a drop in 12 years of Washington rain.

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What Jonathan Thinks About Upsizing Into a Tiny House

As river rafting guide Jonathan prepares to go from a tent to a tiny house, and from a college student to a (tiny) home owner, we asked him to share these reflections on what excites him and makes him nervous about the transition.

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Oly in the snow

Dee’s Current House

When Dee built this house in 2004, it was one of the first tiny houses on wheels out there. Its simple design has become an icon of the movement, and it’s been toured by thousands in person and by millions online.

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Dee Williams tiny house on the road

Dee’s New House

Dee designed the Don Vardo tiny house in two lengths years ago for a client, but had one built for herself in 2014. It’s been her home-away-from-home in Portland for the last two years, but she’ll soon move it up to Olympia as her primary residence.

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