Miter Box Tiny House Plans


The Miter Box: A modern retreat or minimalist flat

Our friends at Shelter Wise designed the Miter Box to be one of the first modern, energy-efficiency focused tiny houses. The design inspiration was simplicity, clean lines, and sharp contrast, with a modern twist on classic childhood drawings of a house. The name is derived from the design’s great attention to detail, intersecting lines and precise commingling of warm wood and cool metal.   The house is 122 square feet, with a 28 square foot sleeping loft.

As shown, the interior has one counter, one shower, one sink, large amounts of storage under the salon seats, and additional storage in the small loft above the entrance and bathroom. The bathroom contains a flushing toilet, shower, and medicine cabinet.  The original model was built using $22,000 in materials to achieve something that is a warm and inviting space juxtaposed with a clean, elegant design.  Step into your future and relax in this modern tiny home.

Miter Box Photos

Loft And Table From Above

Kitchen And Entry From Above

Miter Box Kitchen

Miter Box Sleeping Loft

Miter Box Bathroom

Bathroom And Closet

Table With Benches Which Converts To A Second Bed

Table And Bench Converted To Second Bed

Entry And Bench Storage

Exterior Entry Way

Exterior With Trailer Hitch

Exterior Metal Wall Detail

Exterior Wood Wall Window Opening

Exterior Wood Wall Detail

Miter Box Plan Page

What the Plans Include

  • Trailer specification and connection detail (including wheel wells)
  • Detailed technical insulation envelope system (including insulation schedule)
  • Framing details & diagrams for the floor, trailer, windows, doors, walls, lofts and roof
  • Flashing detail (for both standing seam metal and wood options as shown on the original model)
  • Full electrical diagram
  • Full plumbing diagram (for flushing toilet) including waste water plan and “wet bath” design
  • Metal “hold downs” schedule
  • Optional custom trailer jack placement
  • Elevation views for all exterior and interior sides
  • Gable end cantilever design details
  • Appliance and equipment schedule and/or suggestions
  • An interior floor plan option including a double bed on the main floor and two lofts

These plans do not include interior design details (other than suggested dimensions) or materials selection. The beauty of these plans is that they contain all of the essential nuts and bolts to get you a solid, extremely energy-efficient tiny home that is completely customizable to your tastes.  Please note that the Miter Box uses advanced construction techniques, and we recommend that only experienced builders tackle this design.

The Miter Box was designed for a 16 foot, six inch long trailer (16′-6″) but can be easily converted to a 16 foot or 18 foot house by subtracting or adding slightly to the open living space. Iron Eagle Trailers builds our favorite tiny house trailers out there, and Derin from Shelter Wise and Dee from PAD even helped them design their trailers to be perfect for tiny homes.  Tell them PAD sent you, and you’ll get $50 off your order.

With all of our plans, we recommend a copy of Go House Go, our how-to manual for building a tiny house on wheels. It’s the book Dee wished existed when she built her little house, and she wrote it to save everybody else all the time and trouble that she went through to figure out how to build smart and safe.

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