Every two years, the Build Small Live Large Summit brings innovative small home designers, developers and policymakers to Portland, Oregon. 2019’s event is on November 7th and 8th, and we want to tell you about the sessions and tours we’re excited for this year! Though it’s not for the average DIY tiny house builder, Build…Read more

We’ve written before about why we love Iron Eagle’s PAD Series of Tiny House Trailers, designed just for tiny houses on wheels. While our love of these trailers hasn’t changed, a lot else has! They’ve gotten upgrades, new sizes, new options, and more. So here’s a little walk down the memory lane of the dark…Read more

What do you need in a kitchen? Like, a really tiny kitchen? Everyone’s needs will be different, but in this series breaking down Billy’s DIY campervan build, learn what he planned for, which products he used, and what he would (and might still!) do differently. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out where to…Read more

March 3 through 16, 2019 One of my favorite Tom Robbins quotes is, “You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” And that’s a bit how it feels to be planning a tiny house design and building workshop in New Zealand — or “NZ” as my friend and co-teacher…Read more

By Dee Williams What are you focusing on this year during the upcoming holiday blitz? In the past I’ve paid a lot of attention to stuff-minimization, but this year, I’m focusing on just trying to be present with the grace that rests inside the holiday craziness. A couple years ago, I wrote about Holiday Stuffing…Read more

Anyone who has shopped for tiny house plans and designs knows that the shopping process is, well…pretty annoying. Tiny house plan shoppers need to visit sites scattered all over the internet and compare designs with totally different features and prices. That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of, a new one-stop shop to…Read more

How do you prepare and insulate the floor of a van to convert it into a campervan or home on wheels? To be honest, I didn’t think this question was going to take me so long to answer. It may not take you as long to answer – a lot depends on your goals, preferences,…Read more

It’s been almost four years since The Big Tiny came out – jeez, time flies! Dee roved the country for the better part of that year, speaking with audiences from Brooklyn to Sebastopol, sharing her pioneering version of what it looks like to live lightly with her signature humor, candor and heart. But tiny houses…Read more

Whoa Nelly you guys! Are tiny houses legal in Portand? Not quite, but they will be “allowed” through a creative workaround: the laws about “camping” in tiny houses and RVs on private property will no longer be enforced! Rachel Monahan from Willamette Week has the scoop: “In a sweeping change to Portland housing policy, City…Read more

The heart of small housing is about giving people more options for what to call home.  At PAD, we’ve never cared much to discriminate about “small vs. tiny”, or “on wheels vs. on a foundation.” What we care about is people having access to affordable, sustainable places to live in a way that serves their…Read more

By Billy Ulmer I once mentioned the tiny house movement to an outdoor guide who remarked, “Oh, I’ve got a tiny house! It’s called a campervan.” And he’s right, in a lot of ways. Vans outfitted for camping or living have quite a lot in common with tiny houses on wheels. I’m learning this every…Read more

It’s both hard and fun to design a tiny house on wheels. You have Department of Transportation requirements for height and width, limited square footage, and you’re trying to accommodate key functions, systems, possessions… and trying to make it all multi-purpose and flexible over time. It’s a lot to handle! That’s why we sell tiny…Read more