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Founded by tiny house icon Dee Williams, PAD's ebooks, construction plans and in-person education teaches do-it-yourselfers to create homes that support the lives they want to live.

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SalePAD Tiny House Workshop in ClassroomPAD Tiny House Workshop Inspecting a House

Tiny House Basics Workshop on October 21-22, 2017

Most do-it-yourself tiny house builders say that taking an educational workshop is the single best investment they made in their house. Learn to…
The Hikari Box Tiny House: A Modern Tiny House Design by Shelter WiseThe Hikari Box Tiny House: A Modern Tiny House Design by Shelter Wise

The Hikari Box Tiny House Plans

Bright, Open and Uncomplicated The Hikari Box Tiny House is a modern tiny house design for a spacious and light-filled home with a…
Sweet Pea Tiny House InteriorSweet Pea Tiny House

The Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

A House for One, with Room to Grow The Sweet Pea Tiny House was designed around our friend Gina’s desires to live simply,…

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A VW van in Hawaii by the ocean

Tiny House Alternatives to Inspire Your Designs

If you’re tired of seeing the same layouts and configurations in tiny house designs, it might be time to look at some tiny house alternatives. Step into the related small-space worlds of vans, travel trailers, and even truck camping, and you’ll see some truly unique and ingenious designs. Some people…
Rebecca Green tiny house illustrations from PAD Tiny Houses

What I’ve Come to Know from Tiny House Living

The last few months have been pretty huge for me, friends. Part of that was going smaller – downsizing into my new tiny house Jolene, passing off my old house to my nephew – but there was more at work too, the messy personal stuff that happens when you love…
Tiny House in the City

Dear PAD: How can I feel safe in an “illegal” house?

People ask us all sorts of questions about houses and home, and when there are no easy answers, sometimes all we can do is share a story or a perspective – “advice column” style.  This response is from Billy, author of the Life in a Tiny House Ebook. Dear PAD, I…

Meet PAD Founder Dee Williams

PAD’s Dee Williams is a tiny house pioneer who built one of the first tiny homes on wheels in 2004, and has "lived small" ever since. Dee's house, life and memoir The Big Tiny have been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CBS This Morning,,, Yes Magazine, and the National Building Museum, to name just a few.

Dee's compelling story and gut-based approach to what makes life worth living have moved and inspired audiences around the world. From book readings to keynote talks, her candor, humor and heart challenge people to think differently about their homes, communities and lives.


Dee Asks: Superheroes Wanted! Are You Ready?


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