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Shelter Wise Tiny House Construction and Consulting

One of the first 10 tiny house builders in the country, Shelter Wise designs and constructs modern, beautiful, and built-to-last tiny houses. DIY builders can get expert design and construction consulting from Shelter Wise founder Derin Williams to guide their projects. Tiny house buyers can purchase one of four fully-constructed tiny house designs: a 20 or 24 foot long Hikari Box Tiny House, or a 20 or 24 foot long Cider Box Tiny House. Contact Shelter Wise today to inquire about their consulting and construction rates.

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Buying A Tiny House? Read This First

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The Top 10 Tools You’ll Need To Build A Tiny House

Kate Goodnight at a PAD Tiny House Workshop

If you’re new to construction and wondering where you’d even begin building a tiny house, start by meeting the tools you’ll need to get the job done. Here’s one list that can help you get started building, whether it’s putting together your first chicken coop or finishing out your tiny house.

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