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Dee Williams
Dee Williams Tiny House


PAD’s Dee Williams is a tiny house pioneer who moved into her little home in 2004. Dee’s house, life and book The Big Tiny have been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CBS This Morning, Slate.com, Yahoo.com, The Weather Channel, and more. Below are a few select interviews and videos. Visit The Big Tiny for more on Dee’s story.

Dee’s story continues to intrigue and inspire others – over 20 million people have toured her house virtually, and her memoir was released by Blue Rider Press in April 2014. Dee co-founded PAD to help others find that same confidence and to build the life they dream about.

After a medical emergency led her to the age old realization that life is short, she re-assessed her priorities and decided that her friends, family and community deserved more of her time than her four bedroom house.

Even though she hadn’t tackled anything like it before, Dee rolled up her sleeves to design and build her own tiny house. The experience re-shaped not just her day-to-day activities, but also her confidence that her life really was in her own hands, and she could build the life she wanted. Now the living is, by her own admission, pretty good.

In The Big Tiny, Dee describes the process of designing her little house:

“All of this consternation — trying to sort through how much I could bend without breaking when it came to modern conveniences — left me one part freaked out about living in the little house, and one part over-the-top excited.

It also begged me to ask a thousand times a day: What am I doing? What is the point? And every time, something deep inside me would shoosh me and say: “Because you can! That’s the point of all of this. You can do this! You can build a simple, kind house … nothing fancy, no big deal … just a little house that will fit you more or less.””



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Joan Grimm

For the past 25 years, Joan has designed and delivered local and international environmental education and sustainability programs for both public and private entities. She is the founding board chair of SCRAP (the School and Community Reuse Action Project) and the Oregon Green Schools Association. In recent years, Joan has been instrumental in creating a pocket community in her backyard–POD49. The community includes a tiny house built by Katy Anderson and a common yard shared by their neighbor.


Billy Ulmer

Billy is the author of the Life in a Tiny House ebook, and he helps get PAD’s message out to educate and connect with the tiny house community. To him, tiny houses and the people who love them are one fascinating example of a larger question that he explores in his project Unlikely Lives: How do people create homes that help them focus their lives on what’s most important to them? Billy’s recent professional history includes marketing and communications work for sustainability, crafts and outdoor adventure businesses.