The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans


An Off-Grid Bungalow or Affordable Tiny House Design

The Salsa Box Tiny House is a portable, durable and affordable tiny house design that packs a lot of amenities into its 93 square feet. The suggested floor plan differs slightly from the photos shown, and includes a single bed that pulls out into a double bed, a dropdown table for reading and writing, a small closet, functional kitchen, and a bathroom with composting toilet and shower. The new material cost can be achieved for as little as $8,000 – including the trailer!


Similar to the Don Vardo Tiny House, Shelter Wise designed the Salsa Box to use a shed roof instead of a curved roof, but with a similar interior. It incorporates a simplified construction process using weight-saving, energy-saving and space-saving measures. It also includes instructions for the placement of a small living roof over the porch.

The Salsa Box Tiny House was originally designed as an instructional model to give tiny house building workshop participants a clear look at the steps involved in building a tiny house. You can see the house coming together step by step in PAD’s blog post on the Casa Pequena Tiny House Building Workshop, and get inspired to put one together yourself!



What the Salsa Box Tiny House Plans Include

  • Trailer detail (including bolt hole connections, framing and axle placement, and thermal break detail)
  • Detailed framing elevations for all sides
  • Floor framing plan
  • Full roof framing schedule
  • “Hold Down” schedule
  • Detailed roof and wall insulation detail
  • Rain screen detail
  • Flashing detail
  • Window installation detail (including one skylight and two operable windows for cross ventilation)
  • Floor plan including a double bed with an optional children’s bunk
  • Exterior finish detail
  • Detail for 3’ fold-down porch and 3’ folding living roof (both are removable)
  • Suggested materials list for siding and framing

Weight and Trailer Recommendations

The dimensions are 7’4” x 12’2” on a 5,000 lb. rated, single axle trailer.  Iron Eagle Trailers builds our favorite tiny house trailers out there, and Derin from Shelter Wise and Dee from PAD even helped them design their trailers to be perfect for tiny homes.  Tell them PAD sent you, and you’ll get $50 off your order.

The Salsa Box plans do not include plumbing or electrical diagrams, built-ins, bed design details, or appliance and equipment schedule. Why not? Because we encourage you to install tiny house systems, storage and features that will fit your unique needs, not someone else’s. The photos of the interior serve as examples of what’s possible, but the interior layout is slightly different in the plans. The sky’s the limit, make it your own!

Build Smart!

With all of our plans, we recommend a copy of Go House Go, our how-to manual for building a tiny house on wheels. It’s the book Dee wished existed when she built her little house, and she wrote it to save everybody else all the time and trouble that she went through to figure out how to build smart and safe.

Returns and Conditions of Sale

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Terms and Conditions for Shelter Wise and Portland Alternative Dwellings Tiny House Plans

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All text and designs (“plan material”) in Shelter Wise, LLC’s or Portland Alternative Dwellings, LLC’s  publications are copyright protected. Such material is intended to be used by individuals to construct a single tiny house. To build more than one house from this set of plans, you must purchase a new plan set for each subsequent home built.

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Intellectual Property

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Commercial Use

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Governing Law

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The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans