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What is it really like to live in a tiny house? Curiosity about tiny homes is exploding, yet it’s still hard for most people to wrap their heads around what it’s like to build or live in one. Isn’t it just too kooky, too risky, or too hard?  Not once you see it through the eyes of the people who already call tiny houses home.

Billy Ulmer from PAD and Unlikely Lives wrote this ebook to collect stories and advice to inspire people to take action on their own tiny house dreams, and to think differently about the way our homes can help us lead lives we love. It features over 200 pages of photos and interviews with people who live in tiny homes, discussing questions like these:

  • Why did a tiny house feel right to them?
  • How did they go about designing, building and moving in?
  • What is life like now that they’ve been living there, for between a few months and ten years?

It also shares why tiny houses aren’t as “extreme” as some might think, offers useful perspectives on how people overcame the challenges in their own journeys, and recommends practical steps to help anyone create some of the benefits of tiny house living, no matter where they call home.



What People Are Saying About Life in A Tiny House:

I wish this book had been available years ago, when I dreamed of designing and building my own small house. It would have been like gasoline on a fire, driving me toward something I didn’t yet fully understand. Although there’s plenty of great information and gorgeous photos throughout, “Life in a Tiny House” offers insight far beyond a how-to book or picture album. Through personal stories, written in an almost live-time interview style, the reader is invited into the conversation, and into their own dreams of a life worth living.
Dee Williams
The main message to me to is to remember to test my assumptions. That’s a challenge for me, but it is wonderful to read about so many people who did just that and have managed to make the move to a simpler living situation. The book is lovely.
The stories are inspiring, full of insight, positivity and hope. I love it. It will be a favourite I go back to again and again.
Penelope Wilcock

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Dee WilliamsDee Williams: An Independent Spirit Grows Into Community

With 10 years in her 84 square foot house on wheels, Dee is often called a pioneer of the tiny house movement. How does a pioneer become a pioneer? And what has she learned by living in a tiny house for a decade?

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Candice-profileCandice Ding: A Family Finds More, Not Less

Many Americans think it’s pretty out there for a family to live in a tiny house, but Candice and her mother, who both immigrated from China, do just fine in the house they built.

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Aldo-profileAldo Lavaggi: Count Your Blessings, Whatever Your Square Footage

Life in a tiny house wouldn’t fix every little problem, but surely with more money in your pocket or more time on your hands, life would feel a little easier, a little freer…wouldn’t it?

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Erin-profileErin: Be Fearless and Have Fun

It could seem scary to live in a tiny house and know that you could be asked to move, but as I spoke with Erin, I learned that it doesn’t feel risky when you believe the best about people.

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Macy Miller Tiny House ProfileMacy Miller: Following A Dream to Unexpected Places

Macy expected that building her own tiny house would satisfy her curiosity about the construction process and her desire for financial independence, but didn’t know it would help her meet some of her most ambitious life goals.

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Alex and Allison tiny home interview Unlikely LivesEsther and Kenny: Quality Over Quantity

Esther and Kenny’s priorities were to do the work they want (even if it won’t make them rich), to have time to spend with the people they love and the hobbies they enjoy, and to live in a beautiful house. The size of the beautiful house was less of a priority.

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Chris and Malissa TackChris and Malissa: Committed to Home, But Not to a Mortgage

What motivated this couple with practically no construction experience to not only to move their life into a house that might be 100 or so square feet, but to also build it themselves?

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John Labovitz John Labovitz: Through a Traveler’s Lens

What would your home look like if one of your top priorities was to maintain the feeling of traveling? After buying a traditional house and finding its location lacking, John opted for a housetruck that’s even more mobile than a tiny house on a trailer.

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Alex-and-Allison-profileAlex and Allison: The Community Is Their Living Room

Alex and Allison weren’t concerned with the size of their house, but they wanted it to provide easy access to the people and activities that make their lives feel meaningful. A 320 square foot home was just the path that got them there.

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John Wells at the Field LabJohn Wells: Fascination Fuels a Life Off The Grid

Many tiny house enthusiasts want to get off the grid, and design their homes to run on solar power and catch rainwater.  It’s natural to romanticize the idea of getting away from it all, but will you like what you get away to?

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Life in a Tiny House Ebook

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