Who is PAD

Dee Williams

Dee is a designer, builder and tiny house resident and advocate with a background in architectural engineering and environmental science. In 2004, she constructed an 84-square foot home with the dream of living more simply and happily in her friends’ backyard. Since then, she’s introduced thousands of students, young and old, to the world of tiny houses; she’s taught workshops across the country; authored a how-to e-book titled Go House Go; and has consulted with hundreds of people designing and building their own small homes. She’s been featured extensively in the media. To date, more than 20-million people have either walked through her house or toured it virtually; the house has been featured in Yes!Magazine, TIME Magazine, on Good Morning America, NBC Evening News, National Public Radio, and other media.  In 2008, Dee won the Washington State Governor’s Award for Sustainable Practices.

Joan Grimm

For the past 25 years, Joan has designed and delivered local and international environmental education and sustainability programs for both public and private entities. She is the founding board chair of SCRAP (the School and Community Reuse Action Project) and the Oregon Green Schools Association. In recent years, Joan has been instrumental in creating a pocket community in her backyard–POD49. The community includes a tiny house built by Katy Anderson and a common yard shared by their neighbor.


Billy Ulmer

Billy is a writer and photographer who helps PAD use its website and blog to educate and connect with the tiny house community. To him, tiny houses and the people who love them are one fascinating example of a larger question that he explores in his project Unlikely Lives: How do people make unlikely choices about home, work or community? Billy’s recent professional history includes marketing and communications work for sustainability, crafts and outdoor adventure businesses.

PAD Partners

PAD partners with expert service providers and product manufacturers in many different areas to bring you the best the tiny house world as to offer. Our PAD Partners are a small but growing roster of people we’re proud to work with and refer to others.  With them, you’re in safe hands.

Lina Menard – PAD Consulting Partner

Niche Consulting

Lina is a tiny house designer, builder, dweller, blogger, consultant, and advocate. She keeps a blog called This Is The Little Life, featuring vignettes about simple living in small spaces. Lina owns a sustainable design consulting company called Niche Consulting LLC, specializing in space-efficient housing. Lina holds a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning and an Urban Design Certificate from Portland State University, a Certificate in Sustainable Design and Building from Yestermorrow Design-Build School and is a Certified Sustainable Building Adviser. She coordinates Portland’s Pedalpalooza tiny house and ADU bike tours and has compiled case studies for AccessoryDwellings.org. She’s been featured in GristOR Magazine, and Vermont Public Radio.

Picture 7

Derin Williams

Shelter Wise – PAD Consulting Partner

Derin’s background in energy efficiency and passion for tiny homes has helped him become a leading authority on energy efficient tiny houses. He has designed and built tiny houses for private clients, and for more public purposes to further tiny house education and awareness: His Miter Box tiny house can be rented by the night at the Caravan tiny house hotel, and he has led hands-on construction workshops using his Salsa Box tiny house as a teaching tool. Derin has five years of experience in green building and energy efficiency, and is certified as a BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist, a HERS Rater Energy Modeler, a Sustainable Building Advisor, and is a Performance Tested Comfort Systems Certified Technician.


ADX – PAD Partner

ADX is a 12,000 square foot space in Portland, Oregon packed with shop facilities, tools, and work and event spaces. Access is based on individual memberships or attendance at one-time events, and ADX is now our go-to space for workshops and our free Tiny House Mixers. Tiny house enthusiasts in Portland should get to know ADX as a full woodshop with educational classes, and as a place to build a tiny house out of the elements, and under supervision. We’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve had trouble finding a place to safely build their house, so this is a great resource to keep in mind. Visit ADX online.

Iron Eagle Trailers – PAD Partner

Iron Eagle Trailers has dealers in the western United States and western Canada. Their trailers are well-made and long lasting, and we’ve sent them so many tiny house builders at this point that they have some familiarity with what’s important for a tiny house trailer – which is super helpful and super rare. We’ve written before about the importance of your trailer as the foundation of your tiny home on wheels, and Iron Eagle makes a great foundation for the rest of your build. Visit Iron Eagle online.