The 2019 Build Small Live Large Summit is Coming!

Every two years, the Build Small Live Large Summit brings innovative small home designers, developers and policymakers to Portland, Oregon. 2019’s event is on November 7th and 8th, and we want to tell you about the sessions and tours we’re excited for this year!

Though it’s not for the average DIY tiny house builder, Build Small is THE place for professionals to gather and learn more about how small housing can make our cities more affordable, equitable and downright livable. From accessory dwelling policies and small home financing to tips on getting pro-density housing ordinances passed by local communities, you won’t find this content anywhere else.

The 2019 Summit is a professional conference on Thursday the 7th, with optional add-on events on Friday the 8th. The optional events include a full day accessory dwelling unit (ADU) workshop for design and real estate professionals, and a half day guided bus tour covering Portland’s hidden history of discriminatory housing policies. Check out the event sooner and not later, because early bird pricing ends Friday, October 14!

Exciting Sessions at the 2019 Build Small Live Large Summit on Thursday, November 7th

2019: The Year of Progress in ADU Finance Innovation

ADUs and backyard homes have become increasingly popular with homeowners, designers and builders, but getting a loan to build one has remained a consistent challenge…until now! Learn about the exciting progress that has been made this year, and hear from multiple lenders about the new loan products that can help homeowners get their dream ADUs built. Learn more about this session!

The Kenton Women’s Village, a transitional housing community for houseless women.

Creative Approaches for Temporary Housing Solutions

It didn’t take the tiny house community very long to realize that small, movable homes could provide valuable options and benefits for our houseless citizens, but it has taken a while to see all that potential realized. Luckily for everyone, new variations on “tiny house communities for the houseless” have emerged all over America. Hear stories from three different communities that have adopted innovative small housing solutions, and the impact they have had on their residents and surrounding communities. Learn more about this session!

SRO Revival – A Reemergence of Co-living

SRO stands for “Single Room Occupancy” — an affordable, communal style of housing that all but disappeared after the post-World War II single-family housing boom in America. But in our current markets, cities are beginning to re-explore this model as a way to add more diverse and affordable housing options for our citizens today. Hear about how SROs are being re-introduced to a new generation, and explore the potential of these cooperative living spaces. Learn more about this session!

The uphill battle of changing zoning. Image: Toronto Star.

Making the Case for More Neighbors: Strategies for Passing “Missing Middle” Housing Legislation

One unfortunately common roadblock to building more small and affordable housing in our cities is getting our fellow citizens to support the policy changes and legislation we need to do it. In this rare and super helpful session, hear from elected officials, urban planners and housing advocates on the strategies and messages that have — and haven’t — convinced people to allow new types of development in their areas. Learn more about this session!

Radical Regulations – Innovative Housing Legislation on the West Coast

The types of homes that get built are governed by what professionals are allowed and encouraged to build. So it might not always sound like the most exciting thing, but housing legislation is what breathes new life into our cities and homes. Hear the radical new approaches cities are taking to build more small and affordable housing in our existing communities, and learn new templates for what’s possible! Learn more about this session.

And so much more!

Head over to the website for the Build Small Live Large Summit to learn about all the other great sessions that are happening, see who’s speaking, and to register now!

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