Are you looking into buying a tiny house? Now comes the hard part – finding a tiny house builder. New tiny house builders are opening up shop every day. While it’s great to have options, it’s also a very confusing market for potential buyers. We’ve heard from a number of people lately who bought tiny…Read more

By Billy Ulmer What if tiny houses – and all small housing – were the norm? What if we stopped pretending that anybody is any happier in a big, fancy house than they are in a simple one? What if we admitted that the most important things in life are our relationships and our feelings, and…Read more

Is Portland paving the way for a new generation of tiny house villages for people experiencing homelessness? Tuesday’s City Hall unveiling of the “POD Initiative” designs for “sleeping pods” for houseless people is the best momentum we’ve had in some time. Where the initiate is headed is anybody’s guess, but it’s made some pretty interesting…Read more

We’re quickly spinning toward the holiday gift-giving season, and that has me questioning my options for friends, family and co-workers. What could I possibly offer them that they don’t already own, or that would help them lean into their plans for the new year? What could I offer that will make them laugh, sigh, or…Read more

The last few months have been pretty huge for me, friends. Part of that was going smaller – downsizing into my new tiny house Jolene, passing off my old house to my nephew – but there was more at work too, the messy personal stuff that happens when you love a lot of great people….Read more

When I built my tiny house, I was nervous about installing skylight windows, thinking they could leak gallons of the Pacific Northwest winter rain into my house. But I also knew that a skylight would completely change the way my house felt.  All in all, installing skylights was the best decision I made while designing…Read more

My current little house has been running on solar power for 13 years, but when it came time to set up a system for my new, littler house, I was starting from square one.  My book, The Big Tiny, explained my solar knowledge…my lack of solar knowledge: “Over time, I’ve gotten comfortable with my limited…Read more

While Dee Williams is downsizing from tiny to tinier, the new owner of her “Kozy Kabin” house is actually upsizing into 84 square feet.  Dee’s nephew Jonathan is a recent college graduate and whitewater rafting guide who’s been comfortable living in a tent for months at a time during summer rafting expeditions and on a…Read more

By Dee Williams In February I asked myself the question, “Will I always live in my tiny house?” And the answer was a classic Dee Williams hedge:  maybe.  I went on to write about why I still love my house — the skylight windows that pull the moon in at night, the cedar planking that…Read more

At PAD, we love supporting schools.  Seeing young people get their feet wet and hands sawdusty in a construction project just lights us up. We also love seeing people build off PAD’s plans, with the subtle but inevitable differences in approach and details to the original. So we’re excited to share this news from our…Read more

This guest post is by Gary Rogowski from the Northwest Woodworking Studio, who knows a thing about tools and how to teach others to use them.  The Northwest Woodworking Studio is one of PAD’s Expert Partners, and they’re leading a hands-on tiny house construction workshop series this spring in Portland including Tiny House Framing on…Read more

By Dee Williams             Lately, I’ve been looking at the unexpected education that I’ve gotten over the past 13 years of tiny house living.  When I set out to build my house, I knew I’d learn more about how to use a saw. And before I moved into my house,…Read more

  A lot of DIY tiny house enthusiasts are relatively new to building, and wisely look for ways to get hands-on experience with construction in addition to education about tiny house design principles. That’s just one of the reasons we’re excited to announce the newest PAD Partner, The Northwest Woodworking Studio. They’re offering Tiny House…Read more

By Dee Williams I live in an 84 square foot tiny house in my friends’ backyard.  Over the last 12+ years in this arrangement, I’ve been gifted with an opportunity to help when I can and (more problematically) learn how to accept help. The latter is harder for me, but both are part and parcel…Read more