The Northwest Woodworking Studio Teaches Hands-On Tiny House Building



A lot of DIY tiny house enthusiasts are relatively new to building, and wisely look for ways to get hands-on experience with construction in addition to education about tiny house design principles. That’s just one of the reasons we’re excited to announce the newest PAD Partner, The Northwest Woodworking Studio. They’re offering Tiny House Construction Workshops this spring in their great workshop and classroom space in inner Southeast Portland, and they really understand the sense of satisfaction that comes from working with your hands to build something useful.
The Studio has been the center of woodworking education in the Pacific NW since 1997. Founded by Director Gary Rogowski, it is designed simply on the principle that everyone can learn the skills for building. Whether it’s making a tiny house, building a piece of garden furniture, carving, or doing inlay work in fine furniture, people of all skill levels are welcomed. We’re excited to be launching the Build Small Lecture Series in their big, beautiful space. If you’re attending the Lecture Series to learn practical information about small home options, you can also check out their workshop, facilities and tools and see whether fine woodworking or building are in your future.
Northwest Woodworking Studio Portland, Oregon
The Northwest Woodworking Studio classroom space
Their upcoming “Building Tiny” Workshop Series in April, May and June includes:
  • Intro to Tools and Materials – What you can use in building a structure, built-ins, or furniture for your tiny house, and what to buy, what to borrow, and what to salvage.
  • Camp Chair – Gain great practice with a variety of construction skills while also making yourself a great, space-saving chair for a tiny house.
  • Framing Your Tiny House – Get a great introduction to framing your flooring and walls by building a practice set of walls and a small bench under expert supervision.
  • Windows and Doors – Learn the structural framing around doors and windows, how to create a weatherproof and energy-efficient home, and make educated choices about window and door types.

Students are given ample time to absorb, ask questions, try out new techniques and make inevitable mistakes. The Building Tiny series will be led by Brooks Nelson, who loves to build things and is a life long learner.  Brooks has made a living as builder and caretaker of the physical world for 30 years from building the perfect cup of coffee to building houses and furniture, making movies and sharing his passion by teaching classes at the Studio.

Hands-on, instructor-led workshops like these are just what novice builders need to build their skills and their confidence that they can make their tiny house project a reality. If you’ve got dreams in your head and doodles on paper, visit the The Northwest Woodworking Studio Online to learn how to take them into three dimensions.

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