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Henry Thoreau once said that civilization should be making better people of us. At PAD, we believe our houses should do the same thing. They should invite us into our communities in a way that encourages us to be the people we most want to be.

Each of our designs was created with an individual in mind so that their house would not just reflect their life, but support it. We encourage you to bring your own needs, ideas and customizations to the designs you see here, because the finer points of your life can and should be different from someone else’s, and because we want your home to help you to become the person you most want to be.


The Big Tiny

The Big Tiny is Dee Williams’ memoir – the first time Dee has told her story in her own words, and it covers the twists, turns and insights that that led her to build her little house. It’ll tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and inspire you to take a second look at whatever you call home.

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Life in a Tiny House Ebook

Life in a Tiny House Ebook

What is it really like to live in a tiny house? How can you know if it would work for you? This ebook is a collection of stories and advice to inspire people to take action on their own tiny house dreams, and to think differently about the way our homes can help us lead lives we love.

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Go House Go Ebook

Go House Go is our compact how-to manual for tiny houses. The text covers a broad range of tiny house design and construction processes, and there are photos and diagrams throughout so you can see just what we’re talking about.

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Sweet Pea Tiny House

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans – NEW PRICE!

Sweet Pea is an inviting design for anyone who wants a particularly spacious tiny home, or feels their family might be on its way to growing.

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Don Vardo Tiny House Plans by Dee Williams PAD Tiny Houses

Don Vardo Downloadable Plans

This plan package includes TWO options in one – a compact, 8-foot long design and a roomier, 12-foot long version. It includes ample space for a kitchen nook, writing desk, and couch that pulls out into a bed.



Shelter Wise Tiny House Plans

These tiny house plans were designed by our friends at Shelter Wise, experienced tiny house builders in Portland, Oregon. We offer them through our store because Shelter Wise builds the most elegant, energy efficient, and solid tiny homes we have ever seen.

Hikari Box Tiny House Plans from Shelter Wise and PAD Tiny Houses

NEW! Hikari Box Tiny House Plans

The Hikari Box is a modern, light-filled and energy-efficient home with a relatively simple construction process. It’s 24 feet long, packed with storage, and has a great open layout that’s perfect for couples.

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Cider Box Tiny House Plans Shelter Wise

Cider Box Tiny House Plans – NEW PRICE!

The Cider Box is a spacious, flexible tiny house design you can truly make your own. It’s loaded with options, and the plan set includes TWO sets of plans – for a 20 foot house and a 24 foot house.

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Miter Box Tiny House Plans – NEW PRICE!

The Miter Box was designed to be one of the first modern, energy-efficiency focused tiny houses. The design inspiration was simplicity and clean lines.

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Salsa Box Tiny House Plans – NEW PRICE!

The Salsa Box was designed to be an efficient, durable and budget-friendly off-the-grid shelter. The house is a shed roof twist on the Don Vardo design with a similar interior.

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Cracking the Code by Ryan Mitchell

Figuring out which zoning and building codes apply to your tiny house and where you want to park it can be complicated. It’s hard enough just to navigate zoning and building code legalese for the traditional houses the codes were designed to address. When you take a new building use like a tiny house, and add people like yourself who may not be used to sorting through city and county code documents, you have a recipe for confusion.

Although every city, state and county will have different rules, we like Ryan’s book because it gives normal folks a grounding in what they need to think about, what they need to look for, and what’s worked for others. Click below to buy it from Ryan on his site, The Tiny Life.

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