Dee Williams: A Tiny House and A Big Impact


Dee Williams Tiny House


PAD’s Dee Williams is a tiny house pioneer, living in her house since 2004.  After a medical emergency led her to the age old realization that life is short, she re-assessed her priorities and decided that her friends, family and community deserved more of her time than her four bedroom house.  Even though she hadn’t tackled anything like it before, Dee rolled up her sleeves to design and build her own tiny house.  The experience re-shaped not just her day to day activities, but also her confidence that her life really was in her own hands, and she could build the life she wanted.  Now the living is, by her own admission, pretty good.

Dee’s story continues to intrigue and inspire others – over 20 million people have toured her house virtually, and she is currently writing her memoir for Penguin Publishing, due out in April 2014.   Dee cofounded PAD to help others find that same confidence and build the life they dream about.

Dee says: “I built the house myself, one stick of wood at a time – something I’d recommend to any novice interested in a daily ritual of ‘crying your eyes out, immediately followed by a little victory arm pump when the challenge of the moment is finally figured out.’  I was incredibly lucky to have met Jay Shafer, the real pioneer in the tiny house movement.  I was also lucky to have a chance to build houses in Mexico and a school in Guatemala, because  those volunteer experiences were important in my building education.  And I have exceptional friends.  My house was built with their sweat and inspiration, and their good swift kicks to my ass when I lagged.

My house and lifestyle have been featured in the media, including YES! Magazine, The Oregonian, PBS Need to Know, TEDxConcordia, Radio Netherlands, and Bitch Magazine. In the spirit of a picture being worth a thousand words, here are links to two of the better videos about my tiny house and I.”


Tiny House Basics Workshop

Making Music

On The Porch

Leading A Tiny House Build Workshop

School Tour

Yes Magazine

In The Loft

Leading A Tiny House Tour


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