Lina Menard on PAD’s April Design Workshop and Tiny House Momentum


PAD just wrapped up another great  two-day Tiny House Design Workshop in unexpectedly sunny Portland, Oregon, and we want to share this informative post from PAD Partner and workshop presenter Lina Menard.  Lina blogs regularly at This Is The Little Life, which you should totally be following, because we can’t repost every word of every one of her posts here….even if we kind of want to.  So here’s just a taste, or you can click over to This Is The Little Life right now for the whole thing.

The PAD Tiny House Design Workshop outside of the tiny house at POD 49.  Photo: Chris Tack“The folks who attend tiny house workshops are wonderful people. They’re collaborative and intentional. They’re open-minded and open-hearted. They tackle big questions about needs and wants. They carefully consider what makes a place feel like home. I’ve come to expect that of tiny house lovers.

What was really special about this workshop was that the momentum of the Tiny House Movement was palpable. In June of last year I assisted with the Portland Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop led by Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings. That was just 10 months ago. At the time a handful of the 50 people in the room planned to build a tiny house over the summer. This year 16 of the 29 participants said they’re considering building this summer!”Click to read the full post: Tiny House Movement Gains Momentum →

If the workshop sounds like something you want to be a part of next time, stay tuned to PAD’s Facebook page and email list!  The details for PAD’s next Tiny House Design Workshop are coming soon.

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