By Dee Williams A friend recently sent me an article from The Onion about a beaver who shifted his dam project from that of house and home to esoteric art project. She added a little note that said, “For some reason this made me think of you.” I read the article and not surprisingly, my…Read more

A big goal of our Tiny House Basics Workshops is to help attendees design and build a tiny house that fits them, and to do it right the first time. We answer the questions people have right now, AND give them the tools and resources they need to answer the questions they don’t know they…Read more

While tiny houses are getting more and more coverage in the media, it’s still difficult to find an opportunity to go inside and tour one. This is a shame, because like any space, you’ve got to be inside it to really know what it’s like.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but an experience is…Read more

By Dee Williams It’s hard to choose a tiny house builder. Tiny houses on wheels aren’t just miniature versions of normal houses. They shouldn’t be built like a shed, barn, or a “normal house”, they need to be able to handle their specialized circumstances.  So even someone who has worked in construction for the past 30…Read more

Next month we have a couple of tiny house work parties coming up – click here for dates and information. “Work party” might sound like an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp, but we use the term for a reason. The “work” is learning how to build, and taking on the intellectual and physical challenge of constructing…Read more

This past weekend, Dee Williams and the PAD crew held the Casa Pequena Tiny House Building Workshop at the Casa Verde Earth Day Festival in McMinnville, Oregon.  Workshop participants got hands-on experience building and expert instruction on the construction issues specific to tiny houses, and festival-goers were introduced to the tiny house world as a…Read more