Sightline Daily’s look at Tiny House Living

Lina and everything she owns
From the article: Lina Menard, with everything she owns.

This great article from Sightline Daily’s Alyse Nelson features a video of Dee Williams in her tiny home, and some great photos and stories from others in the tiny house community. It covers tiny houses on wheels, and some lesser-discussed shades of small housing like laneway housing, a cousin to Accessory Dwellings.

From the article:

“My husband and I think we’ve found a way to pay off our mortgage early, without taking on an extra job or working nights. We’ve decided to construct a rental unit—a “mother-in-law suite”—within our home. If it pans out as we hope, the rental income will let us pay off our loan 10 years early. And who knows: it could give us a chance to live closer to family as we, or they, get on in years.

Jason and I are not alone; lots of folks across Cascadia and beyond are experimenting with adding a second (or third) dwelling to an existing single-family home. And in perhaps the most interesting development, more and more people are choosing to buck the “bigger is better” trend in North American housing. They’re taking small spaces—back yards, side lots, or freestanding garages—and using them to build tiny houses.”

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