By Billy Ulmer What if tiny houses – and all small housing – were the norm? What if we stopped pretending that anybody is any happier in a big, fancy house than they are in a simple one? What if we admitted that the most important things in life are our relationships and our feelings, and…Read more

While Dee Williams is downsizing from tiny to tinier, the new owner of her “Kozy Kabin” house is actually upsizing into 84 square feet.  Dee’s nephew Jonathan is a recent college graduate and whitewater rafting guide who’s been comfortable living in a tent for months at a time during summer rafting expeditions and on a…Read more

By Dee Williams In February I asked myself the question, “Will I always live in my tiny house?” And the answer was a classic Dee Williams hedge:  maybe.  I went on to write about why I still love my house — the skylight windows that pull the moon in at night, the cedar planking that…Read more

By Billy Ulmer, author of the Life in a Tiny House ebook. A lot of people ask me what a tiny house is, but I think these questions are just as interesting: “What’s a ‘normal house?’ Where is it normal? And for how long has it been normal?” The main thing that makes a tiny house…Read more

By Billy Ulmer, author of the Life in a Tiny House ebook. Do you wonder if you should move into a tiny home? Choosing where to live is a big deal, and feels like an even bigger one when what you want to do isn’t a common or popular choice. But while it’s hard to…Read more

Dee Williams has inspired tiny house builders across the world, but where did her own inspiration come from? Find out below, in the first of a series of excerpts we’re sharing from her forthcoming memoir, The Big Tiny, due out April 22! In this excerpt, Dee explains her first exposure to tiny homes: in a…Read more

  Dee Williams recently showed Kirsten Dirksen from around her little house.  They made a great, 13 minute video that covers everything from her water and electrical systems, to how she used her body as a measuring tape for her design, to how she found a parking spot among friends: “The cool thing about…Read more

At PAD, we spend a lot of time talking tiny houses (obviously), because we love them and love what they can do for people. But living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to spend time considering some of the other alternatives to traditional housing that offer similar benefits – more community,…Read more

This great article from Sightline Daily’s Alyse Nelson features a video of Dee Williams in her tiny home, and some great photos and stories from others in the tiny house community. It covers tiny houses on wheels, and some lesser-discussed shades of small housing like laneway housing, a cousin to Accessory Dwellings. From the article:…Read more

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. From Washington state to Washington D.C., the tiny house movement is challenging the way we think about modern living, one square foot at a time. This fun video from The Daily visits Dee at her tiny house and hears from some other friends of ours, including Brittany Yunker of the…Read more