Get a Video Tour of the Sweet Pea and the Salsa Box on Tiny House Hunting!

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans
The Sweet Pea Tiny House – As seen on TV!

Ever wished you could take a tour through some of our tiny house designs? Well good news! Two of the houses in our store were recently featured on the TV show Tiny House Hunting on the FYI network. Click here to watch the full episode online for free if you have a cable provider.

If you don’t have a cable provider, check out this mini-tour in FYI’s Youtube clip package for the episode:

Salsa Box Tiny House
The Salsa Box Tiny House by Shelter Wise

The episode follows a prospective home buyer in Portland, Oregon visiting three mobile homes: a floating home, Shelter Wise’s Salsa Box Tiny House, and PAD’s Sweet Pea Tiny House. Derin Williams from Shelter Wise, a PAD Preferred Partner, tours the buyer through each space and explains the features and potential customization options of each home.

The episode is a great way to “get inside” these tiny houses from the comfort of your living room and see how they might be a fit for you. We’ve really been enjoying the proliferation of tiny house TV shows these days, showing that small housing and even houses on wheels are growing more attractive and more accepted all the time. Check out for more episodes of Tiny House Hunting, and for episodes and clips from Tiny House Nation!

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