PAD and Shelter Wise Plan Builds We Love

One of the most exciting things about offering tiny house designs for sale is seeing them built in the real world by our customers. All of our tiny house plans have already been built in real life for custom clients, but it’s a new thrill to see them built by others. Some look just like the originals, some are significantly modified, and sometimes just one piece of a design feeds into someone else’s dream house.  Here are some PAD and Shelter Wise tiny house plan builds we love – some are finished, some are in progress, and all of them prove that DIY tiny house construction works!

Cider Box Tiny House Plan Builds

The Tiny Pine House on Instagram is an in-progress build of the 24 foot long model of the Cider Box Tiny House by Shelter Wise. The finished outside looks sharp already, and you can follow along right now to see the interior come together: Follow Tiny Pine House on Instagram.


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The Story Coffee Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado might look familiar, because it’s a heavily modified Cider Box Tiny House too! The interior has been heavily altered to suit baristas and coffee drinkers, and a set of French doors have been added to the end for better customer flow.

Cider Box Tiny House Plans

Here are some renderings of the original Cider Box Tiny House, learn more and view the plans here.

Salsa Box Tiny House Plan Build

We spotted a Salsa Box Tiny House on Tom from The Old Tyrant’s Instagram, where he’s documented some of his construction process. Tom plans to take his house off the grid completely – one of the original inspirations of the Salsa Box! Something small and portable to add an indoor home-base to wild properties.

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Salsa Box Tiny House

Here’s the original Salsa Box Tiny House, learn more and view the plans here.

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plan Build

High school students at Portland’s Ace Academy built two Sweet Pea Tiny Houses as part of a subject-integrated and hands-on education program. We think the Sweet Pea looks great in blue! Check out the whole story of these two Sweet Pea Tiny Houses built by Ace Academy students!

ACE Academy students' Sweet Pea tiny house
A blue Sweet Pea! All photos via Ace Academy.

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans



Here’s the original Sweet Pea Tiny House, learn more and view the Sweet Pea plans here. 


Don Vardo Tiny House Plan Roof Build

Lina Menard used the Don Vardo Tiny House roof rafter plans for her Lucky Penny Tiny House. The arched roof gives her single level, “no loft” tiny house design a beautiful architectural feature you can see from everywhere in the home. You can see a few photos in Billy’s conversation with Lina about tiny house cohousing communities, but you can see a lot more on her site Niche Consulting.

Lucky Penny Tiny House Interior
The arched roof in Lina’s Lucky Penny Tiny House.

Here’s the original Don Vardo Tiny House, learn more and view the plans here.


Hikari Box Tiny House Build

Dan and Kerstin are doing a great job documenting their modified Hikari Box Tiny House, and we know people will be swooning over the bay window/garden window they added on the end.  It’s in progress right now, follow a.fine.tiny on Instagram and see it come together!

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Here’s the original Hikari Box Tiny House, learn more and view the plans here.

If you see one of our house designs out there, or if you are someone building one out there, give us a shout and let us know!

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