A One-Stop Shop For Tiny House Plans, At Last!

tinyhouseplans.com announcement
Anyone who has shopped for tiny house plans and designs knows that the shopping process is, well…pretty annoying. Tiny house plan shoppers need to visit sites scattered all over the internet and compare designs with totally different features and prices.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of TinyHousePlans.com, a new one-stop shop to find tiny house plans online! I want to share some information about the new site, and give you a look into the back end of the tiny house industry to understand why it’s taken so long to create something like this, and why we’re happy to be involved.

A Tiny House Plans General Store – At Last!

Tiny house plan shopping has typically involved scouring the internet and dense blogs, opening copious numbers of tabs all at once and squinting to figure out which details come with which set. It’s been hard to compare apples to apples, and even harder to be sure there isn’t a better apple waiting just around the corner on some website you haven’t found just yet.

TinyHousePlans.com wants to change all that. It’s the first website to offer tiny house designs from reputable designers all over the internet, in one location where you can make side-by-side comparisons and search the catalog based on your preferences. They’re already got designs us: PAD’s Don Vardo Tiny House Plans and Shelter Wise’s Salsa Box Tiny House Plans. They also have beautiful designs from our friends in the industry like Macy Miller, Alek Lisefski, Ethan Waldmen and Vina Lustado, and more will keep coming! The site also offers formerly digital-only plans in printed versions, for those paper-loving romantics out there.

So if you want to speed up your shopping process and likely find some designs you haven’t even seen yet, head over to TinyHousePlans.com right now!

“What Took You So Long, Tiny House Designers?”

Ever wonder why has a site like this been so long in coming? The DIY tiny house industry as we know it grew from an online movement of designers and builders distributed all over the country. Designers each focused on features and plan elements that were important to them or related to their backgrounds, and there really were no “industry standards” of what a design should be, or what type of information plans had to offer. And as largely a bunch of (ahem) home-based businesses, it made most sense for everyone to just start up their own website and sell their own plans themselves. The different figures in the tiny house plans world aren’t exactly competitive with another, but there was also no easy way for them to work together.

The Morrisons’ hOMe house, 24-foot version.

One of the reasons we’re excited to be on board with TinyHousePlans.com is that it was created by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison of the hOMe tiny house – two folks with a fantastic reputation in the industry and a genuine track record of getting this dispersed DIY movement to come together. As the champions of the tiny house IRC code appendix, the Morrisons have helped unite an industry to work together for changes everyone will benefit from.

And at PAD, we’re excited to be part of the site precisely because it’s the product of someone from within the industry who knows the problems tiny house plan shoppers face, and has educated ideas about how to solve them. We’ve known for years that a site like this needed to exist, but didn’t know anyone in a good position to put it together. We even started down a road a little like this before with another website, but they weren’t able to pull it off successfully because they were, well…just business people. They didn’t really know tiny houses, so their site couldn’t be successful. The Morrisons know business, tiny houses and know what the movement needs, and they’ve already rallied a great set of designers to include a great set of designs.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye on TinyHousePlans.com as it grows, because it will keep growing! More of our plans will make it on there one by one, and before you know it, TinyHousePlans.com really will be the one central location for tiny house design shopping, at last.

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