By Billy Ulmer What if tiny houses – and all small housing – were the norm? What if we stopped pretending that anybody is any happier in a big, fancy house than they are in a simple one? What if we admitted that the most important things in life are our relationships and our feelings, and…Read more

Is Portland paving the way for a new generation of tiny house villages for people experiencing homelessness? Tuesday’s City Hall unveiling of the “POD Initiative” designs for “sleeping pods” for houseless people is the best momentum we’ve had in some time. Where the initiate is headed is anybody’s guess, but it’s made some pretty interesting…Read more

By Billy Ulmer Last week I met with some researchers who were studying the tiny house movement from an academic perspective. They asked me two questions that still stick in my mind a few days later: What’s changed in the last three years of the tiny house movement? What’s going to happen next? I’ve thought…Read more

By Dee Williams I’ve been writing about gratitude this year, and the upcoming holiday weekend brings me full circle to several folks who have not only offered me their friendship, but have profoundly altered my course by providing inspiration and encouragement when I needed it most. On Memorial Day Weekend 11 years ago, I hosted…Read more

People often say they’d like to “start a tiny house community,” but what would that look like? What kind of “home” could balance your needs for independence and interaction with others? Lina Menard found her answers to those questions in the Simply Home Community. Lina’s passion for housing and community building started young. She was…Read more

Next month we have a couple of tiny house work parties coming up – click here for dates and information. “Work party” might sound like an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp, but we use the term for a reason. The “work” is learning how to build, and taking on the intellectual and physical challenge of constructing…Read more

At PAD, we spend a lot of time talking tiny houses (obviously), because we love them and love what they can do for people. But living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to spend time considering some of the other alternatives to traditional housing that offer similar benefits – more community,…Read more

The question of how to find tiny house parking is one of the most discussed issues in the tiny house world.  What will the place you call home look like, and who will be part of it? Do you want peace, quiet, and country views that stretch for miles, or to be nestled into your…Read more