We’ve written before about why we love Iron Eagle’s PAD Series of Tiny House Trailers, designed just for tiny houses on wheels. While our love of these trailers hasn’t changed, a lot else has! They’ve gotten upgrades, new sizes, new options, and more. So here’s a little walk down the memory lane of the dark…Read more

How do you prepare and insulate the floor of a van to convert it into a campervan or home on wheels? To be honest, I didn’t think this question was going to take me so long to answer. It may not take you as long to answer – a lot depends on your goals, preferences,…Read more

We’ve been updating people about Iron Eagle Trailers’ new website in our newsletter recently without really celebrating the awesome news the site introduces – the PAD Series Trailer, designed specifically for tiny homes on wheels! We put our heads together this past summer (Dee Williams — aka me–, Derin Williams from Shelter Wise and Rob Mandzig…Read more

Last week we posted part one of our interview with the founders of Caravan, America’s first tiny house hotel. We knew we were excited about Caravan because they offer people the rare option to rent a tiny house by the night and see how it feels, and let people see different types of houses side…Read more

Portland Alternative Dwellings is happy to operate out of Portland for many reasons, including that it’s a place where people aren’t afraid to blaze a new trail. So we’re not surprised that Portland now hosts Caravan, America’s first tiny house hotel. Caravan includes three separate tiny houses rentable by the night, and space for two…Read more

At PAD, we get a lot of questions about tiny house trailers – the foundation of your little house.  Some popular questions include, “Which tiny house trailer should I buy?” (our answer: Iron Eagle!) and “Can you buy a used tiny house trailer?” Whether you’re planning to buy a new or used trailer, consider the following:…Read more