Whoa Nelly you guys! Are tiny houses legal in Portand? Not quite, but they will be “allowed” through a creative workaround: the laws about “camping” in tiny houses and RVs on private property will no longer be enforced! Rachel Monahan from Willamette Week has the scoop: “In a sweeping change to Portland housing policy, City…Read more

Is Portland paving the way for a new generation of tiny house villages for people experiencing homelessness? Tuesday’s City Hall unveiling of the “POD Initiative” designs for “sleeping pods” for houseless people is the best momentum we’ve had in some time. Where the initiate is headed is anybody’s guess, but it’s made some pretty interesting…Read more

PAD is super excited to announce our partnership with ADX and share what ADX can offer the tiny house community. ADX is a 12,000 square foot space in Portland, Oregon packed with shop facilities, tools, and work and event spaces. Access to the facilities is based on individual memberships or attendance at one-time events hosted…Read more