The tiny house movement has an impressive online presence, and some great websites for people to see houses, share ideas, and connect to others in different states. But the benefits of online communities are also its challenges – they’re diffused across huge distances and loaded with information that may or may not be relevant to…Read more

By Joan Grimm  New Year’s is my favorite holiday, so I like to stretch it out for the whole month of January. Reflecting on the path we’ve traveled helps us learn from it. Otherwise a whole year of new experiences and change might all go by unnoticed. And 2013 was a big year in the…Read more

PAD just wrapped up another great  two-day Tiny House Basics Workshop in unexpectedly sunny Portland, Oregon, and we want to share this informative post from PAD pal and workshop presenter Lina Menard.  Lina blogs regularly at This Is The Little Life and here’s So here’s just a taste, or you can click over to This Is…Read more

This past weekend, Dee Williams and the PAD crew held the Casa Pequena Tiny House Building Workshop at the Casa Verde Earth Day Festival in McMinnville, Oregon.  Workshop participants got hands-on experience building and expert instruction on the construction issues specific to tiny houses, and festival-goers were introduced to the tiny house world as a…Read more

We are super excited to let you know about our upcoming, first of the season! The hands-on tiny house construction workshop: La Casa Pequena! During this 2-day intensive building workshop you will construct the shell of a tiny house, including building the floor frame, installing insulation, framing the walls, sheathing the assembly, wrapping the house,…Read more

We had a blast at our recent February Tiny House Basics Workshop!  While we gather our thoughts about the weekend and comb through the feedback we got from our great crop of enthusiastic participants, please enjoy this guest post from Lina Menard on her wrap up of the weekend.  Lina is a tiny space dweller and…Read more