Many people are skeptical that tiny homes can work for romantic couples, let alone families, which are still rare in tiny house demographics. While we know intellectually that it’s common for families in other parts of the world to house multiple generations in close quarters, most Americans seem to think it’s pretty out there for…Read more

I first saw Chris and Malissa Tack at a PAD Tiny House Basics Workshop, where a rotating slideshow displayed beautiful photos of the tiny home on wheels they designed and built themselves. I remember Malissa calmly chiming in on highly technical building issues, despite describing her pre-tiny house construction experience as having once built a…Read more

This post is by Billy Ulmer, author of the Life in a Tiny House ebook. With 10 years in her 84 square foot house on wheels, Dee is often called a pioneer of the tiny house movement. I think it’s brave enough just to be an early adopter of a new idea, but Dee was one of…Read more

  Dee Williams recently showed Kirsten Dirksen from around her little house.  They made a great, 13 minute video that covers everything from her water and electrical systems, to how she used her body as a measuring tape for her design, to how she found a parking spot among friends: “The cool thing about…Read more

A Tiny House PioneerDee Williams built and moved into her first tiny house on wheels in 2004. After a medical emergency led her to the age old realization that life is short, she re-assessed her priorities and decided that her friends, family and community deserved more of her time than her four bedroom house.Although she hadn’t tackled…Read more

At PAD, we spend a lot of time talking tiny houses (obviously), because we love them and love what they can do for people. But living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to spend time considering some of the other alternatives to traditional housing that offer similar benefits – more community,…Read more