A lot of DIY tiny house enthusiasts are relatively new to building, and wisely look for ways to get hands-on experience with construction in addition to education about tiny house design principles. That’s just one of the reasons we’re excited to announce the newest PAD Partner, The Northwest Woodworking Studio. They’re offering Tiny House…Read more

By Billy Ulmer Five hundred designers, builders, planners, realtors, students and homeowners gathered in early November to learn how powerful and important it is to build small. The energy in ballroom that morning was electric, and the day was packed with people looking for new ideas for homes that match the needs of our current…Read more

By Billy Ulmer Last week I met with some researchers who were studying the tiny house movement from an academic perspective. They asked me two questions that still stick in my mind a few days later: What’s changed in the last three years of the tiny house movement? What’s going to happen next? I’ve thought…Read more

By Dee Williams A friend recently sent me an article from The Onion about a beaver who shifted his dam project from that of house and home to esoteric art project. She added a little note that said, “For some reason this made me think of you.” I read the article and not surprisingly, my…Read more

People ask us all sorts of questions about houses and home, and when there are no easy answers, sometimes all we can do is share a story or a perspective – “advice column” style.  This response is from Billy, author of the Life in a Tiny House Ebook. Dear PAD, I am in love with tiny…Read more